Better Government in Utah

"Federalsim" Our Two Governments

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No matter which of the 50 states, of the United States, that you are in, there are two governments.

  1. The federal government
  2. The state (or territorial) government

Separation of Powers

Our country is great -- not because our leaders are greater than those of other countries -- but because our constitutions separate the powers of our leaders. For example, we have three separate branches of government which are lead by different people.

  1. The executive branch, led by the president
  2. The legislative branch, which is supposed to be the branch that makes the laws
  3. The judicial branch which is supposed to apply the laws to specific cases before the courts


Besides separating our federal government into three branches of government, our government is supposed to be separated another way. The federal government is supposed to have separate duties than the state government does.

Like other kinds of separation of powers, separating the federal government from the state governments also makes our system of government better than it would be if we had just one government, the federal government. This kind of separation of powers is called "federalism".

Our Two Constitutions

The roles of the federal government and the state governments are specified in their respective constitutions.

Our two constitutions

We always hear about the constitution, but in each of the 50 states of the United States, there is not merely one constitution, but there are two constitutions; one for the United States, as a whole, and another constitution for each state:

Although the U.S. Constitution is "the supreme law of the land", this doesn't mean that the federal government is supposed to be supreme over any of the state governments. To the contrary, the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, states that any power not explicitly given to the federal government, nor prohibited to the state governments, is a power reserved for the states and for the We the People.

The Problem With the Federal Government Today

A big problem that we have today, is the federal government's increasing power, at the expense of the powers of the states and of We the People, of the United States.

Power, in the United States, was intended to be closer to the People, headquartered in the state capitols -- not headquartered in Washington D.C.!

What Can We Do?

I believe that the federal government is exceeding its constitutional powers, but what can we do?

  1. We can study the issues and be more informed voters.
  2. We can register to vote and choose to affiliate with the political party that we most agree with.
  3. We can attend our neighborhood caucuses on March 22nd, 2016.
    At the caucuses, delegates to the county convention and to the state convention will be chosen. These delegates have a great deal of power because they determine which candidates will make it to the primary and general elections.

Slogans of States' Powers

"The state governments were never intended to be 'branch offices' of the federal government!"
"Democracy is best when it is within driving distance!"